Why bigger isn't always better in the world of PR

13 August 2014 by Lucie Chilton in General

Why bigger isn't always better in the world of PR

After officially being the ‘new girl’ for 2 months, I have started to realise I don’t really feel ‘new’ anymore. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t learnt plenty of new things in my time already.

Obviously, transitioning from a university lifestyle to full time work is always tough. Long gone are the days of lying in till noon, instead replaced with the daily duties of 9-to-5 work.

So, two months in and what have I learnt?

It is not just the structure of my days that have changed but my PR knowledge and skills too. One of the many benefits of working for a small organisation is that I am trusted with far greater responsibilities and have been given more opportunities that may not have been available to me in a larger agency.

Even previous work placements and client experience can’t teach you all the essentials of working in a PR agency. Being part of a small team means there’s a chance to get 1-to-1 support whenever it’s needed, whether that’s tips on how to sell in a potential story or improving your writing techniques. 

The added benefit that working in a small office brings is greater working relationships due to the small office space and fewer people. It means two-way communication is more informal and you get the chance to work closely on projects with everyone - giving you the satisfaction of seeing something you’ve worked on from the drafting process to the final project.

I feel that if I had gone to a large organisation I might of felt a bit of a spare part and wouldn’t of had the quick learning pace I’ve had at Defero by gaining experience in every aspect of PR. My advice to those starting their careers in PR would definitely be to find a small and friendly PR agency! 

Plus, the odd sailing day here and there doesn’t hurt!