What makes you stand out?

19 December 2018 by Matt Trace in General

What makes you stand out?

Unique Selling Point…Value Proposition…Key Differentiator…call it what you will, but what’s the thing, or if perhaps things, that make your business stand out from the crowd?

Before you utter the words ‘customer service’, you might want to stop for a second and just think about that.

Rather than grit my teeth and nod politely, it’s my job to challenge you on this.

I’m sure your customer service is very good, but it’s funny how almost every business I’ve come into contact with in the past 20 years says the same thing. It’s not such a unique selling point when it’s everyone’s default answer!

Anyway, is good customer service really a USP? Isn’t it a given that you should look after your customers? Surely you would be out of business pretty sharpish if you didn’t?  

One thing I have found, is that once you start probing and asking the right questions, there’s always quite a bit that make a business unique. The obvious being the products or services on offer, and of course price, but it can also be things like the people within your business, the skillset at your disposal – this is very different to customer service by the way!

Your USP may have changed over the years. It may not be the reason that the business was set up in the first place – i.e. to fill a gap in the market. Quite often its something that has evolved over time, and often it’s the small things that set you apart – a niche you have acquired through no specific strategy. For us this is our specialism in transport, logistics, waste management and construction. We have an in-depth knowledge of these industry’s, an understanding of how they work, their unique challenges and of course the media and other routes to reach their customers.

From a marketing perspective, it’s actually quite important that we understand what makes you different. It forms part of your organisations DNA and should underpin your brand and what you stand for. We can then make sure these messages are communicated to the people who need to know about you in the best way.

Why are you different? Why should people buy your product or use your service? Well if you don’t know, then it’s a tough sell.

So what makes Defero different you ask?! Well that’s a good question!

We fill the gap between the big agencies and the freelancer offering. This means you can rely on a bigger support team without the expense of the agency model.

Over the years we have worked with a lot of very talented people – people that start out in agencies and then go on to do their own thing, often as freelancers. We bring together this talent, at a fraction of the cost associated with PR and marketing agencies.

With Defero, you aren’t paying for the big fancy office, or the extortionate wage bill. There are no bag carriers, and your account wont get passed on to a junior member of the team – trust me, it happens! Everyone on our team has earned their stripes in their field and is a seasoned professional having worked at a senior level within agencies.

Oh and did I mention that our customer service is really good as well?! 


Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash