‘Marketing is for life not just for Christmas’

27 November 2014 by Lucie Chilton in General

‘Marketing is for life not just for Christmas’

It’s that time of year again when companies turn on the festive marketing offensive! Time to dust off those branded snowglobes and dancing elf Christmas cards. And why not, people love a bit of festive fun and for us marketers, seasonal campaigns are as much a staple diet as the Christmas turkey and sprouts!

Looking ahead to the New Year, I wonder how many marketing firms will revert to the same old tactics they have been rolling out year after year? If it aint broke no need to fix it, right? ...Well not really.

We live in a world where technology is enabling new and dynamic ways of exchanging information and inevitably, the way in which we (as consumers and businesses) consume this information is changing at pace, whether we like it or even realise it.  

It is important for marketing strategies to adapt with the changing times, and this means businesses need to stop relying on the same tactics year after year.

Even if you are adopting new tactics, such as social media platforms – don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it may have been successful for you last year, that it will work again in 2015.  

An effective strategy should be backed up by market research and will be the difference between you achieving ‘ok’ results and delivering the impressive outcomes that a successful marketing and PR campaign should yield.

A successful strategy comes from strategic planning and intelligent marketing. Here at Defero we undertake market research each year to truly understand our clients’ target audiences and the most effective ways in which to reach them. This kind of proper planning ensures that you not only target the right people, but you use the correct platforms... and at the right times, after all, marketing is for life not just for Christmas!

So don’t be a turkey, contact Defero and together we can apply some intelligent thinking into your 2015 marketing and PR campaigns. 

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash