My time at Defero Communications and my learning curves

25 June 2014 by Matt Trace in General

My time at Defero Communications and my learning curves

As my 4-month summer break from my first year of studying Public Relations at Bournemouth University was fast approaching, I decided that I wanted to spend part the summer doing something that related to my course. I felt the best option for this was to gain some work experience within the PR industry.

Although it is not mandatory to undertake work experience I’ve always been aware that having the experience to go along with the degree would make me stand out more to future employees. My other reason for wanting to gain industry experience was because I wanted to put the classroom theory I had learnt over the past year into practice.

After doing a bit of research into local PR firms, I decided to contact Defero Communications who were more than happy to take me on as their work experience for part of the summer.

The team at Defero welcomed me with open arms and has treated me as one of their own rather than just a work experience. They included me in every aspect of their current projects and have also taught me the different things that go on within a PR organisation such as the amount of planning and team effort goes into creating a successful campaign. This has contributed towards enhancing my experience as I have learned things that have not been covered in my course at university.

My time at Defero has been self-rewarding, as I now have a better understanding of how the industry works which will assist me in future employment. I also plan to use my newly acquired knowledge and experience to my advantage in my second year of studies.