Separate skip waste or face escalating costs warns L&S Waste Management

12 June 2014 by Matt Trace in Waste Management

Separate skip waste or face escalating costs warns L&S Waste Management

Hampshire based L&S Waste Management is warning that skip hire costs will continue to escalate unless something is done to find an alternative and appropriate means of soil disposal.

Soil, which is classified as ‘inert’, is relatively easy and inexpensive to dispose of, however, as soon as it is thrown into a skip it mixes with other waste materials, such as plastics, rubber, or glass and becomes contaminated. This contaminated soil, (known as trommel fines), is notoriously difficult and expensive to deal with.

Trommel fines are subject to the higher rate of landfill tax, which as of April 2014 stands at £80 per tonne. Typically, one tonne of inert soil will cost around £8 per to dispose of, however, as soon as you mix it with skip waste it becomes more like £100. This cost is inevitably passed on to the consumer.

Some waste management firms, such as L&S Waste, have invested heavily in expensive filtration machinery to separate trommel fines. However, the complex processes and expensive equipment required to treat trommel fines year round represents an unrealistic solution for most waste companies.

Managing Director of L&S Waste Management, Mick Balch, said: “Trommel fines are increasingly coming under the spotlight and the issue is not going away any time soon. The only realistic solution has to be for the skip hire industry to adopt a radical new approach in managing what goes into skips at source.

“In the same way that asbestos and gypsum were allowed to be comingled in skip waste up until a few years ago, legislation now prevents this and people are happy to abide by the rules. The same must now be applied to soil in skips and the industry must provide a suitable solution to enable this to happen.

“This may sound easier said than done, but by and large, people are coming round to the idea of separating waste and are generally happy to do so if given the right tools and are properly educated.

“Ultimately, if people continue to put soil in skips, then the price of skip hire will continue to rise in line with the taxes enforced on the industry.”

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