Amicus ITS invest in IT infrastructure upgrade

15 July 2014 by Matt Trace in Professional Services

Amicus ITS invest in IT infrastructure upgrade

Totton based Managed Service Provider, Amicus ITS, is embarking on a major project to virtualise its own physical IT infrastructure.  

The AITS Cirrus Project, which represents a six figure investment, will incorporate the latest Cloud technologies enabling the ambitious IT firm to better protect its data and counter the ever present threat of commercial downtime and security breaches, whilst enjoying the full benefit of increased agility and collaboration - wherever the workforce is based and whatever the size of the organisation.

Head of Technology and Governance, JP Norman, said:  “The AITS Cirrus Project marks a great step forward for our organisation technologically. It is a rightful progression for us to take on now and the timing of this upgrade is excellent as we are in the process of publishing a new, world class three tier Cloud solution to businesses across the UK and abroad.”  

Director of Sales, Les Keen said:  “Amicus ITS’s Cloud framework offers a speed of flexibility, deployment, scalability and versatility that is leading the way in the UK. The key question we had to answer for ourselves in this exercise is the same that we ask every client: Where do you need your data to be held and what degree of security do you need? With those answers in place the migration is technically relatively straightforward.  The benefit we offer to our clients is that wrapped into all this positive assurance is a proactive 24x365 service desk – designed to stop problems before they arise.”

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