Making the most of stunning sea views on the Cornish coast

06 January 2018 by Matt Trace in Construction/Architectural

Making the most of stunning sea views on the Cornish coast

Nestled in the beautifully picturesque Church Cove on Cornwall’s unspoilt rugged Lizard Peninsula, The Cellars is a unique property located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and just metres from the sea with amazing coastal views. 

The Grade II listed property dates back to the 18th century and was originally used as pilchard cellars, storing the daily catch which would have been winched up from Church Cove below. Today the stunning property has been lovingly restored and converted into a truly unique luxury holiday cottage. 

In early 2016 the owners, Fiona and Andrew Cameron, decided to expand the property with the addition of a new build garage building, with first floor living accommodation.   

The Cameron’s were keen to source materials native to the area, and use local labour and expertise to recreate the aesthetics of the surrounding properties. Great care was taken in every aspect of sourcing the materials from the extremely rare Blue Elvin stone (local to The Lizard), through to the slate roofing and Cornish granite, used to hand make the lintels. 

One of the most important considerations for the build was the rooflights. These would not only provide the finishing touches to the external of the building, but also maximise the light entering the new living space.  

Mr Cameron researched the rooflights with the same meticulous rigour that was applied to rest of the build, and after consultation with Stella and following a visit to their factory in Devon, he selected three Stella conservation rooflights. 

The main reason being that Stella offer their rooflights in grade 316 stainless steel. Type 316 is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel containing molybdenum. This addition increases general corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. In addition to the protective nature of the steel, Stella also applied a coastal paint application offering greater longevity in the harsh salty environment of a costal location. 

Another major consideration in choosing Stella rooflights was for their authentic look, befitting of original rooflight products that would have been used in the 18th Century. Mr Cameron was also keen for the rooflights to sit flush in the roof, and was impressed by the extremely low profile of the Stella Conservation product.   

The high quality materials used in every aspect of every Stella rooflight perfectly matched the Cameron’s aspirations for the project. From the high specification Pilkington Activ self-clean solar control glazing, through to the hand made American ash interior liners and solid brass winding mechanisms, Stella rooflights guarantee consistent high quality and long life. 

Mr Cameron said: “We required extremely durable rooflights given our coastal location, but we also wanted a high quality product that matched the style of the build and would seamlessly blend in with the surroundings.  

“We have taken great care to ensure that we have been true to the local area and used only the highest quality materials throughout. I have been so impressed with the Stella rooflights, which have added a beautiful finish to our project. 

“I have also been extremely happy with the personal service received by Stella. They met the high standards and requirements I have set for this project and the end product looks fantastic.”