School Work Experience: A fun week slacking off school or an important week of education?

17 July 2015 by Lucie Chilton in General

School Work Experience: A fun week slacking off school or an important week of education?

For the past week, I have been taking part in work experience with Defero Communications and it has been a brilliant experience. The staff are fantastic at making sure you have the best experience in partaking in lots of different type of work as possible. But why is work experience such a good thing?

I believe that work experience has many positive aspects; beginning with getting an idea of what working in an office is actually like. It is an important thing to get a perspective of this, as when it comes to getting a job you will be spending (often) every day in an office, so you need to be prepared for the reality.  If you don't enjoy the experience, you will be aware if that job it suitable for you or not. 

As well as that, work experience gives you the chance to discuss different aspects of the job you are having experience in, with the staff member being able to explain the task, business and industry well to give you a clearer idea of life in that sector.

Futhermore, you get an idea of the types of work that needs to be completed in the certain job you are having experience in. This is an important factor, as it may decide whether you want to continue onto that job path or not, and consequently you may change your career ideas and the subjects you decide to study during your education.

Also, it is brilliant to put on your CV as it will attract employers, due to them seeing that you’ve had experience. This may cause you to get the job rather than another, due to the employer perceiving that you are more experienced!

Overall, I believe work experience is a good thing, as it is very useful for the person taking part in it, in many different ways.