The Diary Of A Work Experience: Gergana

03 July 2015 by Lucie Chilton in General

The Diary Of A Work Experience: Gergana

During the time I was doing my second year of PR and Communication at Southampton Solent University, I had a chance to participate a couple of events. All of these meetings were aiming to give students the opportunity to network with Solent PR professionals and I remember being really excited and inspired after the conversation I had with Grant and Lucie from Defero Communications. We were talking about the services the agency offers, as well as the benefits of doing summer internship. After this motivational conference I tried to find the people I spoke to on LinkedIn.

As part of my degree I had to find two-summer PR work placements. I was really nervous that I wouldn’t have enough time to do it. However, during my Easter break I started applying to different PR offices in the hunt for my ideal placement.  

Of course, one of the places I applied to was Defero Communications. The fact that I had the chance to meet part of the team and speak face to face really helped me, because I already had built a relation with them.  The next day I had a positive email, inviting me for an interview at the office. I remember that the team was really welcoming and positive. In other words the interview went really well, because they offered me two weeks internship.  That was an amazing day I wont forget, I was really enthusiastic and I couldn’t wait to start.

Here I am now, doing my third (and extra) week on my own desk. I can confidently say that the time I spent at the office was beneficial for me as I had a chance to put the theories I know into practice. The fact that we are small team is also really good, because I had the opportunity to speak to everyone and ask questions related to the work we do. Generally speaking, the atmosphere at the office is incredible at the same time everyone is hardworking, supportive and patient with me when I needed help. I can say that I am learning a lot about the real world of PR and marketing and how a really business operatives in the ‘real world!’

During my time at Defero, I was given responsibilities and tasks such as organising monthly reports, writing blog posts, creating vlogs and designing infographics for clients. I have also been involved on client meetings, creating media lists and sending press releases as well as scheduling social media posts for clients.

I’ve loved my time at Defero, It's great to be in an agency that covers all aspects of PR, marketing, digital and social media and many more! Every day has been a real pleasure for me and I hope to come back again soon!