6 Steps To Social Media Success

22 June 2015 by Lucie Chilton in General

6 Steps To Social Media Success

Social media has fast become one of the easiest ways to reach a wider audience for your business; however, it requires a lot of time and effort to start achieving your desired outcomes.

By investing time to build your social media channels, you can grow your business, and make more people aware of your brand, products and services you are selling to attract potential customers.

Optimise Your Social Media

Make sure that your social media accounts are connected and well managed well. Give users a clear description of the business as well as well-defined logo and a URL so possible customers can access your website easily.

Promote Your Social Presence Everywhere

Promote your page on your already established marketing, for example add your twitter feed or social media ‘follow’ buttons to your website, blog or emails etc.

Share Interesting Content

Quality of posts is important, this will reflect on the number of people who like and share your content. If you share interesting or worthwhile information relevant to your followers, they are more likely to engage with you.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons (e.g. "Share on Facebook" "Tweet This," etc.) to your posts for other users to easily share your updates to their network. This will in turn help to promote your social media presence.

Connect With People In Your Industry

You can find and follow others in your industry and share their content as well as participate in related discussions. It is common to have a ‘business hour’ for your region, which will be a weekly/daily time slot for businesses to tweet their content and engage with other local businesses. Research when yours will be, for example if you are based in Devon, search in twitter for ‘Devon Hour’.

Interact With Fans and Followers

It is important to engage with the pubic. Try and engage with your followers as much as possible, this can be with competitions, conversations or simply asking a question. This also opens up a chance to offer special promotions available to your social media followers only. This also helps to encourage other users to follow you.

For more tips and advice, or if you would like some help in setting up your social media accounts and creating a presence, get in touch!


Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash