Defero get up close and personal with watercrafts

12 March 2015 by Lucie Chilton in Marine

Defero get up close and personal with watercrafts

We have our sea legs at Defero (well 2/3rds of us do!) so it was a great privilege to get the chance to spend a day on the water with our client last week.

The Personal Watercraft Partnership, PWP, is the official UK body for Personal Watercraft also known, albeit incorrectly, as Jet skis in the UK.  Jet skis are in fact a brand name. 

The PWP is made up of a number of industry partners including the Royal Yachting Association, which is better know as the RYA.  One area that PWP and the RYA are keen to focus on is encouraging and promoting safety on the water, and the one-day RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course equips attendees with all the key skills to enjoy riding a ski safely.

Last week, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to join a course in Poole harbour.

Our day consisted of some basic training in the morning. This focused around getting to know the ski, safety and manoeuvrability. We were then taken out onto the open water to run through some man over board drills and rules of the ‘road’ under the watchful eye of our instructor Candice Abbott.

During our lunch break, we learnt navigation, and participated in some chart work, plotting our route for the afternoon ride.  Of course, being a PR agency, we had one team member on hand at all times to capture our attempts on a GoPro for everyone’s amusement!                          

We had a great day and learning about this often much maligned water sport that has suffered for too long with poor PR.  Perhaps, we will be able to make a difference to that perception now?

At Defero we truly believe that you need to thoroughly understand your clients and their industry. It’s essential to get to know all aspects about them… and if that involves a day on the water, that’s just a bonus!

To see how we got on, watch our video!