Business Data Could Be At Risk This Christmas Warns Amicus ITS

01 December 2014 by Lucie Chilton in General

Business Data Could Be At Risk This Christmas Warns Amicus ITS

Totton based IT security firm, Amicus ITS is warning businesses to be vigilant this Christmas period with regards to staff mobile devices and data security.

According to a recent survey by the mobile communications firm EE, almost 10 million mobile devices, (such as smart phones, tablets and laptops), holding sensitive business data have been lost by employees across Britain over the past year.

Unsurprisingly, the Christmas period is a prime time for people misplacing their mobile devices. The survey highlights that one in five employees have admitted losing their mobile device on a work night out.

Amicus ITS Managing Director, Steve Jackson, said: “More often than not, employees will use their personal mobile device to access company emails, documents or presentations, unaware that they may be putting sensitive data at risk. What’s important is that business data is secure, whether accessed from a company owned device or not.

“As more data is downloaded to mobile devices using superfast mobile technologies like 4G, business data becomes increasingly vulnerable. With the arrival of 4G, businesses of all sizes now have an opportunity to become genuinely mobile by giving their employees secure access to company information and business applications regardless of the device they’re using and the operating system the device is running.

“Across Hampshire there are approximately 60,000 businesses employing more than half a million workers with access to sensitive data on their mobile devices. This poses a real and significant risk to businesses in the region.

“While mobile working provides employees with freedom of choice and increased productivity, it also brings an element of danger for companies that are unprotected. It is important for companies to take control of their wider device and workforce mobility strategy, with an effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy including enforced passwords. With the holiday period approaching, businesses still have time to put effective steps in place and plan ahead against such potential risks by having an always-available IT Managed Services Provider (which is truly 24x7x365). This way you can look after all your staff devices with a “locate, lock or wipe” and then at least your data won’t be risk”.

To find out more about how to secure your workforce from the loss or theft of company mobile devices or how to implement an effective BYOD policy, contact Amicus ITS on 02380 429429.