Often Imitated But Never Replicated The Stella Conservation Rooflight

19 November 2014 by Lucie Chilton in Construction/Architectural

Often Imitated But Never Replicated The Stella Conservation Rooflight

When it comes to Listed properties the word ‘conservation’ refers to the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting the original state of a property. It is therefore prudent to replace failing elements with products closely matched to the originals.

Whilst modern adaptations of ‘Conservation’ style rooflights may be striving to fit into the market, there can be no substitute for the real thing. Simply fitting them lower into the roof or sticking a strip of plastic to the glass, does not instantly transform a modern rooflight into something closely matching the original.
The Stella Conservation rooflight is manufactured and hand finished in the UK and replicate a traditional Victorian design, which is unobtrusive and sympathetic to the original external architecture of a building. The slender sightlines of steel allow for a greater area of glazing and in turn provide more light to enter a building.
There can be no doubting the technical developments of modern rooflights but those alternatives simply cannot match the appearance offered by a slender frame or indeed the naturally low profile that steel rooflights achieve.
You should give equal consideration to your rooflights as you would the materials used for windows and doors.
Use the original Stella Conservation Rooflight in your roof. 


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